The Most On-Theme Looks Of This Year's Met Gala

Took a bit of effort, but we found some perfect faves 💯
4 May 2022

Took a bit of effort, but we found some perfect faves 💯

Quannah Chasinghorse in Prabal Gurung

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 Native American model Quannah Chasinghorse's look diverged from the Eurocentric lens which is typically used to view and interpret 'The Gilded Era'. Instead, she highlighted aspects of Native American wealth and culture in an upcycled Prabal Gurung gown, complete with accessories of Dentalium shells, Porcupine quills, and Tanned hide, made by Blackfeet/Cree bead artist Lenise Omeasoo

Riz Ahmed in Custom 4SDESIGNS by Angelo Urrutia

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Riz Ahmed's deceptively simplistic outfit initially caused some raised eyebrows, but the actor immediately won over the Internet through an interview with Variety, where he explained that his look paid homage to the immigrant workers that "kept the Gilded Age golden.” wow.

Emma Corrin in Miu Miu

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Emma Corrin referenced a standout figure from the Gilded Era, Evander Berry Wall, "King of the Dudes", who was known for his elaborate and eccentric style of dressing. Emma Corrin's ensemble replicated some iconic aspects of his wardrobe, including an extremely dapper top hat and pointed shoes.

Dove Cameron in Iris Van Herpen

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When you see Iris Van Herpen, you don't really think 'historical fashion'. Nonetheless, the innovative fashion house pulled through this Met Gala, dressing Dove Cameron in an ethereal, skeletal-like ensemble that replicated the silhouette of Edwardian-era bustles and whalebone corsetry; a unique take on an important aspect of Gilded Age fashion.

Blake Lively in Versace

via @versace

OF COURSE we could never leave Blake Lively off this list. A direct reference to the Statue of Liberty which was gifted to the United States of America in 1885 (yes, that's within the Gilded Age), Blake Lively blessed us all with an outfit transformation on the red carpet. The Charles James-inspired bustle section of her gown was unfurled, revealing a stunning train in the same turquoise hue as the statue.

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