The Viral Food Ideas of 2022 So Far

Dishes to recreate and post on Instagram with the hashtag "#tiktokmademetryit"
25 January 2022

Dishes to recreate and post on Instagram with the hashtag "#tiktokmademetryit".

Yoghurt Custard Toast

Yoghurt Custard Toast
Image from @oatmeal.diary on Instagram

Move over, avocado toast, the latest toast trend that's been taking 2022 by storm is yogurt custard toast, which involves ladling yogurt into a divot in your bread, toasting it, and adding fruits and a sweet drizzle. Sounds like a healthy way to get your sweet fix!

Accordion Potatoes

Accordion Potatoes
Image from @nicky_chizuru on Instagram

Different kinds of potato dishes are always breaking the internet one way or another, and this time, it’s with accordion potatoes. Twice the fluffiness, twice the crunch, and twice the deliciousness. 

Crab Rangoons

Crab Rangoons
Image from @foodtasia on Instagram

A dish of Chinese-American origin, crab rangoons are fried wontons stuffed with cream cheese and imitation crab (aka crab sticks). Unfortunately, if you're currently craving them, it seems that the only way to get your hands on these deep-fried goodies (for now) are if you make them at home... so clear out your weekend and get to work!

'Elevated' Butters

'Elevated' compound butters
Image from @completelydelicious on Instagram

For a moment in time, the internet was completely obsessed with elevating butter-- there were hacks on brown butter, clarifying butter, making a variety of compound butters, and more. If there's one thing these internet chefs agreed on, it was that these butters made any home-cooked meal a hundred times better.

Spicy Spicy Pastas

Spicy Pasta Dishes
Image from @figandoliveplatter on Instagram

Every so often, Gigi Hadid's legendary vodka sauce pasta makes its rounds on the internet. Looks like 2022 will be no different, as people have been fawning over the recipe once again, alongside other spicy pasta dishes like Spaghetti Arrabbiatta.


Colombian Arepas
Image from @thearepastand on Instagram

Thanks to Disney's latest animated film, it seems like everyone on TikTok is clamouring for a taste of arepas. The Colombian snack is typically stuffed with cheese, a great option for a warm and fuzzy comfort meal.

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