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16 September 2022

Makeup is supreme when it comes to the myriad of fads that are constantly being churned out over social media. 

From Kylie’s overdrawn lips circa 2016 to the graphic eyeliner trends that are currently surging, these fun and creative trends are fleeting so we better jump on the bandwagon before it's too late. 

Photo Credit: @alexademie

Below, we breakdown three hot eyeliner trends and how to nail the looks. 

Invisible Liner

Video Credit: @kamilabrav0

Although the name is totally subversive, this style is a cheeky nod to eyeliner that catches people off guard the more they stare at you. This is the perfect eyeliner to accompany the “no makeup” look as it only requires a primer, concealer and setting powder or eyeshadow. 

Rare Beauty's Always An Optimist Weightless Eye Primer

Photo Credit: Sephora

Start off by priming the eyelid. We want to avoid any creases or movement throughout the day.

Tarte's Shape Tape™ Ultra Creamy Concealer

Using an angled eyeliner brush dipped in concealer, draw your usual eyeliner style – winged, cateye, ultra-sharp, you do you.

Bobbi Brown's Luxe Eye Shadow

Lastly, set it with some powder to lock it in. Better yet, use a neutral eyeshadow with some shimmer to give the look a subtle pop. The payoff will come when the light hits your face just right.

Floating Eyeliner

Photo Credit: @merry.laney

Time for some colour – those of us who enjoy vibrant hues or quirky designs will definitely live for this. This easy look takes almost no time to achieve and it is a serve for any occasion, be it school or a fancy dinner party.

Firstly, prime the eyelid to avoid any sort of smudging or peeling.

Fenty Beauty's Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner

Photo Credit: Sephora

Grab a coloured eyeliner of your choice or something that matches your fit and draw on your usual eyeliner style but in the middle of the eyelid. Let your freak flag fly, try something graphic such as swirly lines or even a y2k spiky tribal design.

Anastasia Beverly Hills' Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 6 For Face And Body

Photo Credit: Sephora

Last but not least, set the liner with eyeshadow of the same colour. Now, your work of art will stay put all day.

Siren Eyes

The origins of this look can be traced back to Zoe Kravitz and Alexa Demie, both of whom have rocked the sultry smokey eye. This look is definitely a little more complex but totally worth the effort for a special date night with the beau or the besties. 

Again, prime both the upper and lower areas of the eyes. A smooth canvas will make the process much easier. 

Natasha Denona's Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

Photo Credit: Sephora

Next, do up a smokey eye look using deep brown eyeshadow, focusing on the outer regions of the upper eyelid where the wing of the eyeliner would be. Do the same around the upper and lower waterline. 

KVD Beauty's Tattoo Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Photo Credit: Sephora

Time to apply the eyeliner. Grab a black eyeliner – a pen is easier than potted versions – and draw the wing first. Then, use the same eyeshadow brush as before to blend the edges of the wing with the eyeshadow until both have merged seamlessly. 

Now, line both the top and bottom waterline, including the inner corner of the eyes. Blend the edges out with the eyeshadow one more time and voila, you are ready to paint the town red.

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