TikTok And Instagram Beauty Trends Worth Keeping in 2023

Time to slay all the way to 2024!
17 January 2023

TikTok and Instagram trends are churned out at an exceptional rate – some are hits while others are just misses, especially when it comes to all things makeup and skincare. From glazed donut lips to french tips, we have curated a list of trends that we want to keep and fads we’d like to give the boot in 2022. Check ‘em out below.


Stay: Graphic Eyeliner

Photo Credit: @rolabaghdadi

Basic lines and cat eye flicks are so passé. Going graphic adds dimensions and shape while also communicating to the world that we do not take ourselves too seriously. Also, we don’t have to stick to black all-year round – switch things up with a vibrantly-coloured eyeliner or a pure white one. 

Go: Eye Gems

Photo Credit: @shopakira

While we love sparkle, rhinestone makeup should be saved for music festivals and raves. Instead, experiment with eyeshadows with glitter or colour-changing properties, this way it doesn’t look like we’re just covering our makeup mishaps with shiny gems. 

Stay: Grunge Makeup

Video Credit: @frankiedarling3

Indie sleaze is back in style and grunge naturally follows suit. Smokey under-eyes, heavy eyeliner, a dark lip, matte and pale skin are the elements to a successful ‘90s look that lets the world know that we’re just too cool. Don’t just rely on black, shades of brown, red and blue will help to make your look pop. 

Go: Heavy Blush

Video Credit: @brirubinich

We get it, everyone was into the whole sunburnt look but thanks to Jenna Ortega, this trend is slowly being phased out. Try applying blush underneath your base makeup as this helps to soften the intensity of the pigment and please, avoid putting blush over the nose.

Stay: Glazed Donut Lips

Photo Credit: @haileybieber

Popularised by the one and only Mrs Hailey Bieber, this trend deserves to stay because it remains a fresh and gorgeous hack. Health is wealth and nothing screams it more than a juicy pair of lips. 


Stay: Glazed Donut Nails

Video Credit: @opi

Likewise, it is time to embrace glazed donut nails with full force. Yes, it is a simple look and many nail technicians can pull this off in their sleep but the way it glimmers in the light is just too good to pass up.

Go: Neon Manicure

Photo Credit: @haus_of_nails7

Time to bid adieu to everything that is neon. This trend is over for both the fashion and makeup worlds (at least for now), our nails should also boycott the aggressive colourway that is a little bit trashy for the time being.


Stay: Skin Cycling

Video Credit: @sarahpalmyra

Active ingredients are skin-savers and we can’t live without them. But slathering everything that we have can cause our skin to become sensitive even when it wasn’t to begin with. Alternating products every other day will allow our skin to receive exactly what it needs without being overwhelmed. Plus, it will save us some money from restocking our holy grails regularly. 

Go: Slugging

Video Credit: @jamiemakeup

This trick works for many but it also does more harm than good for those living in temperate, tropical climates. Slugging involves using a petroleum-based moisturiser to prevent water loss by sealing the skincare in. But it is often too much for our pores to bear, causing massive breakouts that take way too long to heal – incorporate a heavy night cream instead.


Stay: Copper Locs

Photo Credit: @kendalljenner

Red hair is in, just ask Kendall Jenner, Jennie of Blackpink and Zendaya. Not only did they rock the look, it just shows that unconventional looks can also be beautiful and we should never shun something without at least giving it a shot. 

Go: Barbie Hair

Video Credit: @saffronbaker

Yes, pink is all the rage but… let it go. It’s cute, fun and sometimes powerful but somehow it just isn’t the vibe anymore. Anyways, we all could use a change every once in a while. 

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