Tinder Shares Tips On Finding New Love In 2023

Mantra of 2023: Live, laugh and love.
4 January 2023

Falling in love is easy but finding love is the tricky part. Although some of us have entered 2023 single, all hope isn’t lost, especially with Tinder’s newest features and insights that will help us get matches aplenty. 

Tinder’s Dating Sunday is back on January 8 2023, Sunday, and much like last year’s rendition, it is likely to be one of the busiest days for singles on the app. Tinder revealed that last year’s event spurred a 35 per cent increase in swipe activity and 30 per cent more matches than a normal day.

Here are some Tinder-approved tips to help you get on people’s “right” side: 

Set Relationship Goals

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From January 5, every member will be able to express what they are looking for on the app – long-term, short-term, friends and more. This helps to avoid that awkward “why are you on the app” question that kills conversations far too often.

Face Pics Please

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According to Tinder, four is the magic number when it comes to pictures and those with a clear view of their face tend to get more matches. Also, let’s ditch the face masks – phishing of any kind is pretty disappointing.

Music Is A Love Language

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Your genre of choice speaks volumes of one’s personality and it can really help build a relationship. Connect with others by linking your Spotify account and broadcast your anthem to other singles – Tinder says that it helps to increase matches by 10 per cent, so why not?

Just in case you need a little help, here are Singapore's top 10 dating anthems of 2022:

1. Heat Waves - Glass Animals
2. As It Was - Harry Styles
3. Glimpse of Us - Joji
4. STAY - The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber
5. Ghost - Justin Bieber
6. We Don't Talk About Bruno - Encanto
7. Bad Habit - Steve Lacey
8. Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran
9. Die for You - The Weeknd
10. First Class - Jack Harlow

Three Fs: Funny, Fresh and Forward

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If you are looking to secure a date, humour definitely helps to reel people in. Of course, good personal hygiene goes without saying but over 73 per cent of singles surveyed last year were looking for someone who knew what they want as well as someone they can confide in.

Kill The Dinner Date

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Dinner and drinks are so passé and not everyone is into sipping cocktails at a noisy bar. Opt for simple hangouts like grabbing coffee, hiking or a creative activity that leaves room for meaningful conversations for the first meeting. At the end of the day, getting to know one another is the name of the game.

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