What Your Favourite K-pop Idols Are up To In 2023

The golden age of K-pop has arrived!
11 January 2023

The year has barely begun and K-pop is already doing the most with tons of exciting news from our favourite idols to ingénues who are just starting to make waves. Here are some performances, brand partnerships and comebacks that have passed the VibeCheck for 2023.

Blackpink At Coachella

Photo Credit: @blackpinkofficial

The rumours are true-mours! The superstar girl group will be headlining this year’s Coachella in April 2023. This is a historical moment for K-pop as the four powerhouse performers will be the first Korean act to headline the festival.

NCT Global Units

Photo Credit: @nct

When SM Entertainment announced plans to set up a Southeast Asian headquarters in Singapore, fans cheered for the prospects of a NCT Singapore unit. While there is no news on this yet, there are a few new ones that will debut in 2023 such as NCT Tokyo, NCT Saudi Arabia and NCT Hollywood.

New Jeans Fashion Takeover

Photo Credit: @newjeans_official

Luxury fashion loves K-pop and the fourth generation groups are having their moment. Three out of five members of New Jeans have been officially announced as brand ambassadors Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry – more is sure to come for the other members but also for their peers.

EXO’s Full Force

Photo Credit: @weareone.exo

EXO’s leader Suho broke the news on Instagram that the group will definitely be back this year. With the last member, Baekhyun, being discharged from the military in early February, the group will now be able to work together as a full team of eight. The previous album “Don’t Fight The Feeling” released in 2021 only featured six of them and it was made as a gift to the fans. 

Baby Monster Debut

YG Entertainment unveiled their newest girl group called ‘Baby Monster’ – the first in seven years after Blackpink’s debut. Information is scarce on the seven girls but fans are excited to find out where they come from, their names and ages. 

Jisoo’s Solo Debut

Photo Credit: @sooyaaa__

YG Entertainment also announced that Jisoo will be making her long-awaited solo debut this year and that she is in the midst of recording and shooting promotional content for the album. While the genre is still a mystery, fans will be happy to see her shine regardless.

G-Dragon Returns

Photo Credit: @xxxibgdrgn

The illustrious rapper, previously from Big Bang, will be dropping an album this year to mark his official comeback as a solo musician. This is his first album in six years following his stint serving the Korean army.

Taeyang And Jimin Collab

Photo Credit: @__youngbae__

Fellow Big Bang member Taeyang has teamed up with BTS’ Jimin on a song titled “Vibe” that will drop on 13 January, Friday. This is Taeyang’s first single since his third solo album in 2017 and under his new label ‘The Black Label’. It is also a special one for Jimin as he is the last member to release a solo project after BTS announced its group hiatus last year.

Girls On Top First Mini Album

Photo Credit: @girlsontop_sm

After more than a year since their debut with ‘Step Back’, the seven members will be releasing their first record ‘Stamp On It’ with 16 songs. The genre will revolve around dance music as revealed by SM Entertainment. 

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