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29 September 2022

Milan Fashion Week lives up to its expectations of being one of the most exhilarating, artistic and contemporary fashion events of the year. Not only were we graced by supermodel legends, the designers incorporated fresh runway ideas and garments that made us go: mamma mia!

Kate Moss Returns To The Runway

Photo Credit: @katemossagency

Matthieu Blazy’s sophomore collection at the prestigious Italian house of Bottega Veneta has been a home run. The SS23 collection is innovative and sophisticated yet casual and easy to wear – who else would think of making a leather tartan flannel jacket? 

In a bid to showcase just how chic the collection is, the prolific designer enlisted the legendary Kate Moss to strut down the runway in said tartan jacket paired with matching jeans and a subdued white top. Less isn’t more, more isn’t more – balance is the key.

Kim Kardashian Curates For Dolce & Gabbana

This collaboration came as a surprise to some but in reality, the TV star has been a close friend of the house since she was a teenager. So when fashion week rolled around, the design duo called upon Kim Kardashian to curate the show, which celebrates the signature designs from 1987 to 2007. 

Bejewelled corsets, ripped jeans and of course loads of leopard prints were reissued for this runway. Of course, Kim had to insert herself in more ways than one in this show – as the models sashay, a video of Kim enjoying pasta was playing in the background.

Versace’s Dark Gothic Goddess

Photo Credit: @versace

Let’s be honest, when has Versace ever coloured within the lines? Donatella is a genius when it comes to creating rebellious garb that the world fonds over. Not only did she design the runway like a purple mausoleum, she opened the show with a triad of lingerie-esque wedding dresses. 

The subversive collection also featured a lot of lace and leather – scandalous and kinky at the same time. To close the show, American DJ and reality television sweetheart Paris Hilton was tapped in, wearing a glittery y2k-pink minidress and veil with her iconic fingerless gloves.

Gucci’s Twins

We are no stranger to Alessandro Michele’s love for twins – remember his MET Gala look with Gucci muse Jared Leto? But we did not anticipate 68 street casted twins to catwalk down the runway in matching outfits. 

The idea was to showcase how clothing exude different qualities on seemingly identical bodies. The trippy event also translated into the collection that had sparkle, clashing patterns and eccentric tailoring. Also, the use of Gremlin prints had us chuckling – perhaps, humour is an upcoming trend?

Models Going Splat For AVAVAV

For the longest time, models would never willingly fall face flat while making their way down the runway, especially when important names of the fashion industry sit in the front rows. But creative director Beate Karlsson decided to turn this notion on its head. 

Her debut collection at AVAVAV had models tripping on themselves as soon as they made their appearance in oversized and exaggerated boots, some in slinky sandals. The tumbles that took place were Karlsson’s way of poking fun at how pretentious people are when it comes to looking “wealthy” – something she is also guilty of.

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